Friday, March 17, 2006

Finally the Brahmins are happy...

So finally we have at truly pro Brahmin government in UP, after the misdeeds of Mayawati government when the brahmins were treated as second class citizen in their state we have Mulayam Singh the messiah of brahmins the one who have made the Brahmin community proud by overthrowing the tyrannical Mayawati and most importantly declaring a holiday to mark the occasion of sri parshuram's birthday.

Since Mayawati came to power the Brahmins were not allowed to celebrate the birthday of their lord Parshuram, and those who dared to go against her wishes were delt with strictly. Now those dark days are over Mulayam Singh has arrived and he will lead the Brahmins into an era of prosperity, their lost glory will be restored and soon we will have holidays to mark birthday of all the brahmins who sacrificed their life fighting that Mayawati.

I hope politicians in bihar and other states will build on the ground work by Mulayam and drive India to a prosperous future.


Blogger Unkool said...

hehe,chor sale[:P]

Blogger nikunj mahajan said...

this article by Vipin Agnihotri might be of your interest. take a look.


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